mixing of architects and different disciplines 
rise of creative class richard florida - urban development foundation of the urban crisis
find worse places and put a population and building in place to act as a catalyst for change
northampton, let graffiti in a car park
cci outreach centre and studios 
look around characters of other schools for creatives 
look at gund hall and the architectural design which is used to teach for architects with tray like structure
what does it take for a building to educate creatives, as opposed to more coorporate
forcing interdisciplinary discussions through circulation and the routes taken to social and shared areas
what is architectural education as post covid response to architecture social education

Create a CCI school, think ULM school to integrate a community through creative practices. Potentially use pavilions to create a flow through into Fratton. Use massings to act as an urban funnel and channel further into Fratton which is less affluent.