as i have been asked to write a story to produce a narrative and draw a concept from for this design project, i have taken the time today to make some initial notes on a concept which i can create a story from. this will drive my design.

these are my initial notes chucked on to a page, out of my mind.
journey of what we have to how we need to protect it, climate change. the building responds to however much responsibility we take
in the future is a gallery/museum in the same way rather than a vault of what little remains from our mistakes - a warning and message of what not to do. but if it all went bad it could act as a vault?

if we don't, it becomes a vault a lesson of what not to do, similar to the natural disaster museums or something. do not repeat this. more about memories? BUILDING MEANS YOU CANNOT IGNORE WHAT HAPPENED
maybe in this case only the top is accessible? ground is now in water maybe its thick glass to see out around? (would've looked out to sea but in the future is submerged looking into it). shows how water is rising, shows that that generation needs to sort it out, last generation/civilisation failed you
if we stopped global warming it would remain as a gallery in the same sense as they exist to us. would show how we overcame something great. the building never had to change like that.
over time it could change course depending on us. research how high sea levels could get. (Fratton would exist and that is 5m above sea level at highest?)

the design forces a proactive approach, forcing people to take responsibility. if not then the building takes on a whole new meaning, serving as a memorial, a reminder of how the generation before failed you. A warning of what not to do.

its a kind of double edged sword: either it shows the "damage" left by our predecessors by its demise of the lower grounds views out to sea now being into sea, or stands as a reminder for the future of our current and continued effort against sea water rising.​​​​​​​
Perhaps incorporating a mezzanine could make the message more poignant. You look down into the water? Perhaps this is achieved with a separate glass volume within the building?​​​​​​​