to promote the pavilion and communal aspect to the building, i needed to facilitate for functions. previously, i had thought and sketched designs for using steps to prevent children going to the roof unattended. 

(the ash material is also no longer stained, following in Bauhaus and De Stijl the materials are more honest. this decision was made to lighten up the interior spaces and make them feel more welcoming and child friendly.)
after researching how stairs can facilitate functions, i decided to incorporate benches and seating into steps. this means that portions of the steps are too high for children to climb unassisted, functions as seating but are also able to be climbed by adults if they wanted to although this is not encouraged through the design. i really like how the ones on the right wrap around the stairs, retaining the stair form making it obvious there are stairs beneath but gracefully flow over, respecting the form. my benches therefore wrap or flow around the steps.
i chose to use ash again as an accent material as this is on the outside of the building. these ash slats are able to curve along a metal structure to create an interesting shape which flows along the steps below. i chose to also clad the final step in this ash to create a visual divide between the steps and seating to the roof. these benches are located at either ramped section of the building. they provide views into the forest as well as the residential estate behind the treeline to the east, a view back home for many of the children.
the same seating is placed on the raised section of the roof and around the courtyard. this allows people to watch the sunset or stargaze as well as facilitate community functions outside of nursery operating times. the platform they lead to allows better views to the creek to the north as well. i envision this roof to be used as a pavilion, hosting events to benefit the nursery and community. perhaps roll up screens could be brought up onto the centre of the roof and things projected from the platform, perhaps outdoor performances held making use of the summer instead of being inside in the hall.
the playground uses the same seating, integrated into slats intended for plants to grow onto as well as planters for vegetables to be grown alongside the children to educate them on the food they eat and to sustain the kitchen.
railing is also added for safety.