Thinking about how architecture can play into my scenario and how NFTs can be used to help.

POAP enables a new way of keeping long-lasting records of life experiences. A POAP is a digital collectible created as a NFT (non-fungible token) powered by the blockchain and I think these could be a great way to incentivise flow along with effective architecture design using both form and light to draw people through pavilions and ultimately the city.

This makes Fratton an involved piece of the experience and draws attention to the area giving it a role within the city.

An HDRI is a High Dynamic Range Imaging, and is basically an image format that contains from the deepest shadow up to the brightest highlight information. These are used in 3d work to create realistic reflections and lighting on CGI assets as they use real data from the real world. An HDRI captures and reflects its environment. Perhaps this could be an interesting avenue to explore and represent architecturally within green spaces to "expand" and reflect on the space along with digital AR or VR?