Using different modelling techniques, I have managed to make a "boolean" tool of sorts which cuts the edges of shapes nicely. This was mathematically challenging with my previous method.

This has allowed me to develop a modular series of panels which can be at different scales and cut angles for differing purposes within the skin. These angles allow for different light "flows"

Perpendicularly cuts allow for viewing out whilst angled cuts direct light or views. 30 degree cuts angle light to spill on to the floor whilst shallower angles can be used to force users to look down towards the rising sea levels from the mezzanine. These shallower cuts are 15 degrees.
Using these 3 main angles and differing scaling, I have been able to produce an organic skin which, like the rest of the building, forces views. The upper floors have some integrated 15 degree cuts to force users to look down from near the glass to the rising sea levels. Meanwhile, in the middle, you look from the mezzanine straight out to the view through the perpendicular cuts. Down below, you again look straight ahead.
I also experimented with "rips" however I feel that the larger panels are the best option however, I'm not sure just how well they integrate.

I then went back and reflected on why I wanted a way to see out. The purpose of this mezzanine and why I had designed it in the first place. The front view is to exaggerate and emphasise the current state of the sea level. I know I want a way to see out so that people can see the sea level. Therefore, I experimented with having a vertical strip of glass which acts as a measuring tool almost. This was inspired by Baca Architects Marine Observatory. 

I want to add markings of where the sea level is now, where it might be and what the consequences are at certain levels. For example at 2050 levels "Portsmouth has fallen.".
I think that this is a really good solution and allows for a very clear view and a perfect thing to finish the "journey" with. I have also added similar features to the South West facing side as this does not get so much sunlight. One is positioned near the stairs and one outside the lift such that you descend or ascend above the sea level.