I needed to research how foundations work underwater and how I could tie the building down to the shoreline ground as it is vastly different to inland.

Snøhetta constructed Under on a barge 20 metres from its final site over the course of six months, before it was manoeuvred and sunk in July 2018.

Under is a concrete structure which is secured to a concrete slab with 18 bolts, which is then anchored to the bedrock beneath the seabed. My project could use a similar method for the foundations, tying these to the bedrock of the shoreline and thus tying the steel stilts to this.
We see here how the building employs a reinforced concrete structure with rebar and steel tying the building together. Since this is then transferred and tied directly into the concrete slab and then the bedrock, this is structurally sound. The concretes rough texture is left exposed to allow marine life to cling on, something I plan to also do as previously discussed.

The time-lapse footage condenses the final day of structural work on the 495-square-metre building as it is submerged like a "sunken periscope".