this week i decided to analyse the brief and take some time to understand how different age groups learn.

i also took a trip to the site last week so decided to put together an overall site analysis of foxes forest prior to getting confirmation on the three available sites and their respective boundaries/lines.
analysis :  a detailed examination of anything complex in order to understand its nature or to determine its essential features : a thorough study.
when i get confirmation on the three sites and their boundaries, i intend to create a site plan for my chosen site in which i shall consider more localised factors such as noise pollution, site lines, points of interest, hazards and paths etc.

in this site analysis, i chose to look at the area as a whole, less local. this gave me a chance to show the boundaries between industrial and residential, the mainline for the train services coming through from southampton, the a27 - a major road in the uk, passing through sussex, making it the main way in to portsmouth - the portsbridge creek flow, the main treelines, local nurseries and parking etc.