Going off of the feedback I received in the studio review, I set about making the plan more dynamic in section by introducing elevation changes as well as tying a feature through both floors. The thing is that with elevation changes on this floor, the floor itself becomes far thicker unless the ceiling is also to reflect these elevation changes?​​​​​​​
I also went about resolving the café/bar function by incorporating it on top of the existing flat section of roof and tying it into the outdoor space on the skin through a small 1.4m elevation. 

Floor slab with slopes.

I will fill in the sloped area to flatten this area of the resulting ceiling out.

With a ceiling that follows the changes of the floor above the floor can remain 300mm thick as oppose to the 1m thick portions present in the example above. However, the slopes in areas do not make sense for the ceilings they create. For this reason, in these areas the floor shall be thicker to flatten out the ceiling below but in the flat areas towards the front, they shall remain at 300mm thick and have a difference in heights.

Floor slab flattened out.

I also tried to resolve the plan on the lower floor by experimenting with flow and placing classrooms within the educational area with the toilets and conference areas separated and more private. However, I am unsure as to how successful this plan is and plan to experiment with a more perpendicular and square layout next.

With Skin (Front from ground up would be capped with a Glass curtain similar to the MUCEM)

Without Skin