after my review on the 19th, i have iterated upon my design. there are three major changes which i feel have made the building respond to both the site and its end users far better.
iteration :  the repetition of a process in order to generate an outcome.
 one. the staff room roof has been raised to an angle via a 500mm increase in the peak height. this not only adds interest to the design but also reacts to the site and sun path. this elevation points towards the sun path acting as a vantage point towards the creek and also providing a secondary function. i plan to provide and integrate a similar seating function as i have planned within the reception and staff room. this will allow for a communal function which could also perhaps be accessed by the community outside of nursery hours. whether it be just to relax and watch the sun set or become integrated into the local community for events, i think this is a good addition to the building.​​​​​​​

the building becomes a nursery when it needs to be, a pavilion when it doesn't.
 two. the courtyard or atrium has been rotated to face and again respond to the sun path. the flat edge faces where the sun rises. the reception desk follows suit and completes the circle providing a more obvious "central hub" for help.​​​​​​​
three. the "leg" which was going unused has now been opened up and acts as both an outdoor classroom and a shelter. this has the benefit of opening up the playground and outdoor space whilst using the natural treeline to close it off. ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​