Something that really interests me is the digital era of art and how the current technological advancements affect how we design. We are experiencing the cusp of a digital renaissance with NFTs and a paradigm shift as we evolve into web 3.0. Community and decentralisation is becoming more important than ever. How can we use these new technologies to help those in less well off areas?

Art throughout the city, “residents are treated to a free art show”
Street art is thriving in Portsmouth as a whole and there is a strong sense of community
“Birth of a scene”
Alley way behind debenhams was set to close in 2020 but was  key space for graffiti and lessons were taking place.
How does green space affect the art scene? Fratton park walls were one of the few spaces legal to paint on but with fratton park expanding this is under threat.
Could bridge the gap between street “art” and vandalism through bringing art into the streets of fratton
Pockets of exhibitions and sculpture and bring culture into fratton therefore increasing a sense of diversity. Bringing green spaces doesn’t mean the street art has to be under threat.