In plan, here is the new upper level (ground floor) with the mezzanine concept. I feel that the bridge section offers some interesting chances to not only tie into the outside jetty and introduce the same concept indoors, but to also add similar cutouts that will appear on the skin. This could add some really interesting plays of light into the lower floor as people walk above them.

After modelling it and seeing it in scale within my layout, I am wondering how different shapes could work as a mezzanine, more angular responding to that dramatic final wall.
This angled mezzanine allows the gangway to not be in front of the entire mezzanine so people views are not blocked. However, I am unsure as to how much more practical it is that the rectangular mezzanine. It does have more area however the view to the lower floor is greatly reduced. It may be more beneficial to have a rectangular mezzanine instead.