Why is reclaiming an identity important?

Reclaiming the identity of the valley requires a delicate interplay of remembrance and renewal, all whilst preparing for the future. It necessitates acknowledging the painful history while fostering a narrative of resilience and hope. The challenge lies in transcending the label of a tourist attraction built on tragedy, and instead, fostering a sense of community that is defined by the strength especially of those who chose to remain, rebuild, and redefine their village in Casso in the face of unimaginable loss. 
The Vajont Dam, standing as a colossal structure, now possesses the potential to transcend its historical role and serve as a symbolic portal into a reimagined future. Architectural interventions can turn the dam into more than a physical entity; it can become a bridge between the tangible and the digital, embracing the ethos of the metaverse. By incorporating web3 technologies, the dam can evolve into a dynamic space that connects the community not only with its past but also with a digital realm where stories are told and futures are envisioned.
Reclaiming the identity of the Vajont Valley through an architectural metamorphosis is an invitation to transcend the limitations of a tragic past and embrace a narrative that resonates with both the tangible and the virtual. The dam, once a witness to catastrophe, emerges as a gateway to a redefined community identity—one that seamlessly integrates the historical, the contemporary, and the digital in a sensitive blend of remembrance and progression.