The dam is currently owned by ENEL, an Italian multinational manufacturer and distributor of electricity and gas, as well as an artificial intelligence company. With this shift into AI, exciting opportunities emerge for experiential architecture and a marriage between technology and education. ENEL prides themselves on connecting both digitally and physically with the ecosystem to build new solutions that address the world’s most pressing and complex challenges. They also have an Open Innovability scheme where anyone can register to join or propose new projects to solve challenges according to their expertise and skills. With only 1 person in Casso having a degree, this could be interesting to explore to provoke community engagement. This creates a real opportunity to be experimental and align with their goals of innovation through the architectural scheme.
-              Preparedness centre
-              Areas pointing to different aspects of the disaster
-              Café maybe
-              Toilets
-              Might be nice to showcase some casso work – population mainly children in casso - reconnect the generational gap of the disaster?
-              Only 2 commercial/productive buildings in Casso, could be nice to give back with facilities
-              The newest buildings in Casso are from the 60s
-              11 before 1919, 17 from 1919 – 1945, 15 from 1956 to 1960
-              Langarone was wiped out