now i have a rough model of my proposal, i can start to test it to an extent. the design concept allows the treeline to be maintained not only allowing for thermal benefits to the building but it also means that the building has little disturbance and impact on the use of the public forest.

people walking along the southern path often choose to do so in order to remain within the forest and enjoy the aspects of nature that it brings, ensuring a treeline here means that most won't notice the nursery behind unless they go out of their way to go and use it. they remain on their path.​​​​​​​
performance :  an evaluation on how effectively  person, machine, etc. does a piece of work or an activity.
people moving towards the north from the residential estate will see the nursery and easily be able to access it if they need to. their path has the opportunity to lead to it. people coming from the western residential estate are also able to easily access the nursery via the existing paths and the nursery's integration with them. people visiting the forest going to the north are more than likely going there to walk along or look at the creeke which the nursery shares views of. the north looks out towards the creek which has one treeline beyond. i dont believe that the nursery behind the creeke path disrupts the view and is far more integrated into it's environment than the buildings across the creeke and a27 beyond. 

i have also decided to use the minor incline to the south to embed the structure below the ground somewhat. the floor being below ground means that it can harness the earth cooling via its thermal mass. during the summer it will still be cool from the winter before and during the winter it will have still retained heat from that year's summer. the building will essentially hibernate.