I altered the front glass to be an odd number wide such that the view out of the gap was uninterrupted.
I also experimented with a round steel column however found that it would have to be wider to accommodate the I beam than the square concrete column could be. This felt too bulky in the space so I went back to a square column.
I also experimented with a square steel surround column however felt that concrete ultimately fit the space better.
My tutor had also suggested that I place water on the roof that was inaccessible. This provides natural cooling in the summer and ties into the sea level narration. I have also added toughened glass down the centre of the cafe roof such that the light playing off of the water above will pass through and dance in the room below furthering this narrative of foreshadowing submersion through light play.

The pool is 50mm deep and from feedback I was informed that maintenance would be done via workers on ladders to go up to the roof.