The Local.
Local architecture is as a result heavily inspired and affected by the defensive nature of the bastion walls and fortifications. The Hotwalls Studios for example are a creative quarter where the city's historic fortifications have been transformed into 13 working studios and a waterfront dining space.

The round tower itself has now been transformed into a host for events from theatre and live music, to art exhibitions and craft markets. The area is a hub for activity and culture with the buildings playing a huge role. Restoration is a key idea with developments taking place in 2016 to provide an ideal backdrop for exhibitions with an affordable venue space.

With regards to materiality the vast majority of buildings in the area are influenced by the brick and stone of the bastions. With restorations and additions using wooden elements. More modern elements of the area include larger glass panes metal surrounds. 

Landscape has been explored in the site analysis, where we can see just how flat Portsmouth as a whole is and how it is at threat of disappearing should sea levels rise.