as i go into my second year of architecture school, I have been asked to create a blog as part of BA2.

for my first post I have written a letter entitled - "promise to a future child" -  reflecting on my aspirations as an architect and thoughts (dreams/ ideas/ views and opinions) on education and what inspirational learning for children could be.
a prelude : an action or event serving as an introduction to something more important.
i decided to split my letter in to two parts, the first titled "1. me" which goes into my aspirations, what the world is like now and an overview of how i view education and how it has changed especially over the current lockdown and climate and is intended for a wider audience rather than a younger child. this is a letter to a future me, the "future child" as much as it is intended to be read by anyone. it's a promise to my own future.

the second part titled "2. you" or "to you" is more where i chose to address the future child as such, a younger child. i cover how education can be made more enjoyable for them, almost advice on how to be more interested. within this i also suggest my own thoughts on what inspirational or more fulfilling education would look like. 

when you're very young you sort of have to learn pretty much everything through experience or interaction albeit it the basics. when you grow older you seem to lose this and start to learn through other peoples experiences be it books or film or whatever rather than your own. which can be brilliant and has its place but i still think primary learning is important. i think during lockdown i realised this more as I started to choose to learn things i was interested in through doing and actively learning.

i think a good way to do this with architecture is through a connection between the inside and outside, allowing interactions and experiences and education via them.