" Baca Architects Marine Observatory."

BACA Architects - Australian Underwater Discovery Centre - 2km off Busselton Jetty, Western Australia

The centre has been designed by BACA to be built next year and imitates a whale surfacing. It is to be built 2km out to sea along a jetty. This feeds back into my idea of how a building could be accessed should it become surrounded by water.
The goal is for it to become the world's largest centre of its kind, open for both the public and scientists to observe the marine habitats of Geographe Bay. It will provide a large viewing window to view the literal ocean floor and seeks to educate and promote awareness for the jetty's immediate environment and wider environs of the bay. 
This building not only proves that my concept can be feasible but also has similar goals and aspirations about a given environmental topic that I hope to also emulate and have an impact on.
The main observatory will be positioned on the lowest floor, this concept of having a building underwater works for many levels and floors without issue. There were 2 other proposals with different forms which also had the same overall concept.
The AUDC will be built largely built from concrete, complete with a light-frame roof that will be constructed by yacht builders. Concrete was chosen for its durability and ability to withstand harsh conditions, such as in marine environments.
It is also hoped the concrete will help stabilise internal temperatures through thermal mass, with the help of a water heat exchange system for heating and cooling.
Across the front of the building, Baca Architects will use a porous, bioreceptive variation of the material to encourage the growth of barnacles and algae.

All 3 Concepts with The Cetacean being the final design