" A Cop Out "
An interview with Koen Olthuis (link here) shows his opinions and thoughts concerning rising sea levels. His view seems to be that it would be easier to embrace the sea level change for architecture 

Talking about the future of coastal areas he says "they have to design plans with flexibility—not solely for today’s conditions. Second, they might be better off embracing the water instead of fighting it, seeing urban water as a chance to upgrade our cities rather than a side effect."
"I think that a resilient city isn’t one that prepares for the water to come, but one that allows it to expand. By letting in water and making it part of the city, rising levels or storm conditions will only mean working with a bit more water instead of the big shock that comes when conditions go from dry to flooded."

I think that yes, logistically this makes sense for now and the near future but it seems to encourage an apathy for the situation. It doesn't aim to prevent an issue that will just persist but just encourage an idea of if we ignore it and can't admit to it, it doesn't exist and won't happen. Adapting to an issue and not trying to prevent it just seems to be incredibly apathetic and proves a blissful ignorance the world seems to have now. 

I want to avoid this even if it does seem to be the most logistic and economic way now. It seems irresponsible to just be designing under the assumption that we will ruin our world and do not have the capacity to reverse the damage we have already inflicted. To adapt rather than to overcome seems to be admitting defeat.