Architecture needs to adapt to the threat of climate change. Many buildings are designed to float to tackle this however this feels like a bit of a cop out, it doesn't feel like it will encourage people to take action as the building will just rise with the sea levels. There seems like less of a threat. 

Shaping a building like a wave or a boat or something obviously naval seems like its been overdone with it especially in Portsmouth where its character revolves around its naval history as does so much of its architecture in the surrounding area.

With lights duality as a photon it could be interesting to play with light, using physics experiments surrounding its wave like nature and try and exploit it? Youngs double slit experiment with bands of light? Maybe this could be used to make a different atmosphere in areas?
" MUCEM Museum, Building J4. "

MUCEM Museum, Marsielle, France

The skin on the J4 building has a skin which manipulates light to create an interesting pattern and aims to shade along with fork like columns. It is made out of fibre reinforced concrete and I think this material choice as oppose to a metal or something really feels more fitting within the landscape giving a harder more historic seemingly more analogue material choice that fits the historic area.
Playing with the duality of light could be a more interesting way to incorporate waves. Some sort of a skin with a pattern of ripple shaped cutouts could create an almost rippling effect to be cast into the building, the caustic effect you get from the sun on the sea. This could give a feeling of what the building could be, it could be underwater using light to imitate it. Another warning of what will happen. Foreshadowing with shadows.

The museum is a multi-disciplinary museum focused mostly on Mediterranean cultures from prehistory to the present. I love how the building connects to the historical French Bastion through a bridge that connects to the existing paths and imitates it in a more contemporary form. This leads down through the building from the top.

This building really relates in form to my general concept and will be a powerful precedent.