Nice drawings

Questioning structure, spanning is quite large, at the top I don't see structure

Flee market barcelona good precedent for open structure

Missing opportunity for structure explanation - didactic structure

How is the steel grounded - next challenge to tackle

External truss??

Rendering needs to link to environment diagram

Good hybrid

Floor plans need some work, understands the concept, discuss floor plans more;

Add columns to corners - corners are important for structure

Light steel structure is the character to go with

3d more detailed then 2d

could have communal bathrooms for the apartments, make it feel even more like a house


 Work on structure for steel. Light steel structure is the way to go. Can place columns at 10m spans where existing breaks in space are with the CLT structure. How is this then grounded? Pad foundations?

Work on plans for apartment block. Furnish kitchens and sort out bathroom placements. Get rid of interior splitting walls for bedrooms 1 and 2.

If there are toilets in every apartment for the shared accommodation, the students sacrifice space and outdoor balconies. Using shared toilets means we can place 2 within the spaces and have a more house feeling place.