The Gund Hall is a successful creative outreach. Through its form and use of staggered shelving, it allows for much needed sunlight to enter the building to the individual work spaces for the users. Through its form, it also encourages people to enter from the street, not the same integration as my previous precedents such as the barbican but it does encourage an entry through it's use of columns, filtering people through before they get to the main doors.

Through circulation, it encourages a social aspect between disciplines. People are encouraged to socialise as they move past different departments to access stairways and circulation to shared spaces such as cafes. In BA2 TB2, I explored how circulation can push a narrative and flow but here we can explore how circulation can affect social aspects and promote interactions. Much like the Ulm School, the outreach can be not just multi-disciplinary but interdisciplinary. 

If this was integrated into my own CCI outreach it could really foster a community, could this in turn help the pavillions create community through their own spaces? Creating "hang out" spots where people return to?