light piping is added to the wooden volumes. more light is allowed into the "sleeping" areas of the younger children as they nap during the day and are generally more afraid of pitch black areas. as age progresses, the natural light allowed into the "sleep" areas decreases. ample light is allowed to enter the bathrooms, the staff room and the baby changing room/staff toilet behind it.
i have also decided to follow through with making a ramp up to the playground. this aids accessibility and gives the previously described "private path" or flow.

i have also added a door along the "corridor" formed by the wooden volumes with the younger classrooms which leads to the reading nook. this is 1.8m tall so most adults can also come through comfortably. however, being 200mm odd shorter than a standard door does give a feeling of it being "kids only" without being uncomfortable for adults to get in if and when needed.

i am also thinking how i could possibly integrate a decline in level to the reading nook, as if you are going down and into this nook. however, i am unsure as to how this would work without sloping the classrooms, something which would be an inconvenience for the end users.