From studio feedback, I decided to take a more square approach, removing 45 degree angles. All rooms are now square with each other and placed to separate public and private with exhibit. 

Each classroom flanks the main educational space. This learning space will be used for talks, events and exhibitions etc. All of these events could look at the last shoreline "exhibit". This acts as a core area of interest and also as a means of altering circulation. 

Both conference rooms are carrying the idea of walls hiding areas and creates a more private area. You need to go to these rooms intentionally. It is not part of the natural public flow.
I like the idea of having large oversized text spill on to multiple of these staggered walls and taking on material properties. Inspired by Oliver Uzkurat's School competition project.

A message of this kind as people go to enter the conference rooms, most likely to discuss related issues. Perhaps a vibrant blue colour.