I plan to utilise the existing pier (Victoria pier) as this is a fishing pier. No boats dock up to it so there is no concern with leaving excessive space around it. The form is undecided in these early stages so is shown as a cuboid. 
As described in my first concepts blog post, should the tides rise, Portsmouth will be underwater completely. This means the sea levels will be 3m higher as Portsmouth is only 3m above sea level as it is. The "jetty" (indicated with red) that I intend to have form a connection between the sea wall and building will function as just that, a method to get from the ecology centre from the sea wall without disrupting the existing flow beneath from the pier to the shoreline. However, should the inhabitants not see the building as a catalyst for change and sea levels do indeed rise, then this becomes a jetty or a pontoon. This allows for people to visit the centre despite Portsmouth being drowned, boats can moor up to it allowing the building to continue to function, even if it is now a memorial for the world we lost.