today, i focussed my parti or main concept. the main idea is to use the existing paths to branch off and go in to nature.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
parti :  the central concept or drawing of an architectural design.
the site as it is has some well linked and integrated paths between the residential areas and the forest itself as well as the main points of interest such as the creeke. however, these paths all go around the nature leading the visitors into observation. 

i feel it would be far more beneficial and educational to actually involve the building and the users in the nature rather than just around it, observing it - learning by doing not just by watching.

therefore, my main driving concept behind my design is the idea of bringing paths into the centre of nature. by interconnecting paths, we can lead the users into the nature rather than just existing around it. 

this also has the benefit of using the existing trees to thermally aid the structure in a greener way. during the summer, the remaining trees will shade the structure and the glazing will help to maintain a cooler temperature. however, when winter comes and the trees lose their leaves, the winter sun will be able to pass through, where the same glazing will keep the building warm.
a path :  a long strip of ground which people walk along to get from one place to another.

your path :  is the space ahead of you as you move along.