Due to the grid design, the vast majority of the I beam verticals fit into the existing walls. However, these 3 did not fit in the ground floor.

As a result, I decided to make the walls a more dynamic shape to fit instead of moving them and making them 300mm all the way. This I feel exaggerates the movement through the building even more than before.

For the top right beam, I decided to add another wall instead of simply covering it up. I did this so that the space near the window feels more confined, forcing you to go to it and look out as you can no longer turn to the side and flow past.
This then becomes the only exposed I beam. I may keep them exposed for the cafe as I feel that this industrial look could fit nicely. I am undecided as to whether to surround this beam in reinforced concrete or leave it bare.
These I beams connect directly to the stilts so forces are transferred directly through to the concrete slab which is tied into the bedrock.

250mm I beams with 300mm I beam stilts.