1:50 scale sectional model
i have also decided to change the concrete and wood clad modules to use cross laminated timber instead. these are not outside and would be clad anyway so the carbon absorbing concrete is of little use here. the concrete industry is also one of the main producers of carbon dioxide hence the attempt to reduce it through the concrete technology. timber is far more environmentally conscious. 

clt has several advantages over concrete in other aspects. it can be prefabricated off site, decreasing construction costs and lead times. it is relatively light especially compared to concrete, so requires smaller foundations. it is far more renewable, green and sustainable as well as having thermal properties. it has high thermal insulation as the layers of wood increase.

using clt means that the modules no longer need to be clad, this uses less material overall, reducing environmental impact again. it provides structural integrity so nothing is lost despite this loss of material. with a cladding, the rooms would end up being smaller as the walls are moved in to make a flush cladding, however now with cross laminated timber, this is no longer an issue as no thickness is added with the removal of concrete.