Taking inspiration from galleries, I decided to add smooth concrete seating to the main exhibition areas so users can sit and look out to the windows that act as measuring levels and see the sea levels. It is a place for reflection.
In front of the "Last Shoreline" there is seating too. This is where events and educational talks would take place in this large open plan educational/event space. The front area again facilitates reflection. Exhibitions would also extend down here. All seating is spaced such that circulation is not hindered and it still comfortable. Each bench can sit approximately 4 people.
The seating for the talk space fans out and increases by 10% each time in length. This is to help circulation and visibility from the back. Each bench can sit 3 - 5 people as we move back. Speakers would present from in front of the last shoreline, a potently powerful backdrop. 

In the future this backdrop may represent what we lost, it becomes an artefact to mourn. In the now it is a powerful reminder that we may have to prepare to protect things like this if we do not change. A sad realisation that in the future we may have only this, like a museum piece.