Now that I had some rough massing ideas, I decided to try and explain them to AI to see what it would come up with and see if I could use it to explore some other concepts. My chosen AI programme is Midjourney as I have used it since 2021. I would like to use the new Dall-E trained on ChatGPT 4 however I am currently unable to access it as OpenAI has stopped ChatGPT 3 subscription upgrades at this moment in time.
I like the general idea of the buildings here, specifically 1. I think something like this and 3 could work at a different scale, perhaps more squat and I would want this to follow a completely different plan. Option 2 is interesting, I like the placements of glazing, in a properly designed building, glazing should act functionlly. I want any glazing to affect the interior feel and experience of a space not just to "look good" from the outside.
None of these really work for me. Unexpected outputs given the prompts.
I do really like the idea of these outputs. The prompts are refining here and the outputs are interesting. I specifically like the repeating elements on option 1. It reminds me of the Zaha Hadid Riverside Museum, a piece of experiential architecture that inspires me. This museum perfectly showcases the main exhibit at the end in its resting place. Something I could perhaps incorporate, capturing the dam or other key view?
I also really like the 5th and 8th images from the outputs. I like the part that crosses in and is subservient, the intersection of volumes interests me here. I also like the projections on the last one, perhaps these could be bay windows or light wells to different views? Could be interesting framing perhaps?
Again some intersecting subservient volumes in output 1 and 4 here which are interesting. I do like the glass curtain frontage on output 2 however. Could be interesting as to how this could work given the natural terrain of the site.

The second set of outputs are interesting but not really what I had in mind. The first one is interesting but I feel would work better with a more organic looking terrain, the dolomites are far sharper in nature. Would be a cool design perhaps for a more martian landscape or American canyons/rock formations? 
I really like how I was able to look into landscape using AI, I think this will be important as I want to play with levels, be it underground in "trenches" or further.